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geothermal-heat-pump-diagram-full-homeGeothermal Heatpump – The Magic Box
When we talk about heating efficiency, we talk about how much of the fuel we use ends up in the house. A standard oil or gas – natural gas or propane – heater has an annual efficiency of about 80%. This means that 80%… Continue reading


BandJoist-Air-Leakage-homeInsulating Your Basement or Crawlspace
Until recently, crawlspaces were required to be ventilated to stop moisture problems, and basements were considered cold, dark caves where we didn’t spend much time. Over the last several… Continue reading


ir-windowReplace Your Windows?
Windows are a very important part of our lives – they allow us to see what is going on in the world, they let in sunshine, and they light our houses so we don’t have to use electricity during the day. We need windows, but they… Continue reading

Great job! My upstairs bedrooms are much more comfortable. You guys were really cool. – Steve C., Millersville, MD

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