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Offering Air Sealing Service to Clients Near New Castle, DE

To make your home as energy efficient as possible, you want to make sure there are no drafts. At Energy Services Group, we can provide you with air sealing technology to keep your property air-tight.

Our experts have a thorough understanding of the science behind air sealing and, as such, can provide you with better service. If you’re near New Castle, DE, then consider contacting us for more information.

Our Air Sealing and Insulation Options
  • One-Part Spray Foam Insulation: Were there gaps left behind when your building was constructed? If so, then this type of insulation will likely work best.
  • Two-Part Spray Foam Insulation: If there are irregular surfaces in your home, then this type of insulation is likely the best choice.
  • Foam Board: Foam board is best used to help insulate flat surfaces and to keep insulation batts where they’re meant to be.
  • Weather Stripping: If you have gaps around your windows, doors, or other areas, weather stripping can be used to close them up.
Work with Top Experts in the Business

At Energy Services Group, we have the right tools for just about any job. We’ll use a blower door test to find leaks in your basement or attic, note any weak points, and then seal them completely. In addition, we can also install ventilation when needed, helping to prevent stale air and keeping your building up to code.

Our air duct, attic, and basement air sealing services are some of the best in the business. If you’re near New Castle, DE, then consider calling for your free estimate.

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