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Utility Rebate Programs in DE

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Utility Rebate Programs in Delaware

As your trusted resource for a home energy audit in Delaware, our utility rebate programs encourage home performance upgrades to your existing home. Once we complete the audit and make the necessary upgrades, you may qualify for a rebate.

In addition to performing your energy audit, creating a computer analysis, and proposing energy upgrades to improve your efficiency and comfort, we will also assist you in completing and filing paperwork that is required for you to receive your rebate or incentive money.

Following your Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® audit, your home may qualify for rebates up to $6,750 through the Energize Delaware Program. 

You must be the registered homeowner of the property and install qualified insulation upgrades into the home to be accepted for the Delaware utility rebate programs.

Based on our recommendations and proposed upgrades, you will receive improvements to your home through cost-effective services. Through the ENERGY STAR® program, you can receive rebates for some of your most needed home improvements, including air sealing and home insulation in Delaware.

If you have any questions about the upgrades that need to be made to your home to qualify for our utility rebate programs, get in contact with us today or visit the Energize Delaware website and click on your home to learn more. We are committed to ensuring your health and safety through energy-efficient solutions that increase your home’s performance and comfort.

Some restrictions apply, but we will coordinate your projects to take full advantage of the appropriate incentives for your home.

Let us help coordinate your project to find all the incentives and rebates that are available. Start to save energy through upgraded home performance, and begin saving money on monthly energy bills and take advantage of Delaware’s rebate program.

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